COFDM antennas designed by Cobham Antenna Systems are used within National Security, Police and Military communication systems where integrity of video and data links is maintained.

COFDM antennas designed by Cobham are used with COFDM radios for applications where the integrity of video and data links must be maintained under highly imposing situations.

COFDM provides significant benefits over conventional analogue microwave transmissions, especially in high multi-path environments such as dense urban areas.  It is possible to virtually eliminate Fade even in Non Line of Sight (NLOS) situations through the use of spatial antenna diversity schemes. 

The use of Cobham multi-sector antennas designed with the specific COFDM radio can ensure that mobile applications have the best chances of providing continuous high definition transmissions whatever the scenario.

Technical data and radiation patterns are available on request. Email for COFDM antenna information.

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