The GPS Anti-Jam DACU Type 7-6005 is a GPS anti-jamming processor for use with active CRPAs.

Cobham's latest, next generation, single Anti-Jam GPS system solution consists of a 7-6005 Anti-Jam GPS DACU (Digital Antenna Control Unit) and a four channel 20-7009 Anti-Jam GPS CRPA (Controlled Reception Pattern Array) antenna.

The system provides significant immunity to jamming compared with a conventional GPS antenna, allowing the platform to operate up to 100 times closer to the jammer and maintain reception.

Offering an optimum balance between size, weight and power. Dual-band protection, optimised processing and a software based core enable the system to protect against current and future threat scenarios.

Modularity makes the system ideal for new installs and retrofits for fixed wing, rotary wing and UAV platforms. It can also be installed in space-constrained land and marine applications.

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, please get in touch for specifications and datasheets. 




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