The GPS (Global Positioning System) Anti-Jam DACU (Digital Antenna Control Unit), Type 7-6008, is a 8-Channel GPS anti-jamming processor for use with an active controlled reception pattern array (CRPA).

The DACU mitigates narrow-band interference, using an excision process, and broadband interference by creating directed nulls in the antenna pattern. These techniques provide significant anti-jam protection even in highly dynamic, multi‑jammer environments.

Cobham are able to provide a complete anti‑jam solution for the platform. Installations can make use of a variety of CRPA options and cabling lengths, to best suit the form factor requirements of the platform.

The DACU is designed for size and weight constrained platforms, such as small airborne and unmanned installations, and interfaces the antenna array to the GPS receiver.

The DACU includes the ability to determine the direction of multiple spatially separated jammers with an accuracy of better than 5 degrees when the system is calibrated to the aircraft platform.

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, please get in touch for specifications and datasheets. 


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