We design and build our own Controlled Radiation Pattern Array (CRPA) antennas including active, passive, conformal and non-conformal variants with up to 8 elements each.

For over 20 years Cobham has been developing battle proven anti-jam GNSS solutions for high performance fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing platforms.  

Unlike other suppliers, your system will be tailor-made to suit your application. Modularity, GNSS receiver independence, and a wide variety of antenna form-factors, make the system ideal for both new installs and retrofits.

Why Cobham? Because Cobham is an antenna design powerhouse. We don’t just provide ‘black box only’ solutions. Our systems work in harmony with the antenna. This unique capability results in a system with superior performance for the 99.9% of time spent operating in a benign environment, an important factor missed by our competitors.

When it comes to fitting your antennas, each install is bespoke, and tailor-made to your platform’s needs and calibrated to your exacting requirements. Advanced modeling techniques ascertain your platform’s RF radiation characteristics, and determine the optimal placement for GNSS antennas to deliver superior performance. 

Due to the sensitive nature of these products, please get in touch for specifications and datasheets. 

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