Cobham Antenna Systems provides a full assortment of ancillaries and accessories for all mast systems.



Cobham Antenna Systems manufactures different accessories and ancillaries to compliment its extensive range of masts.

Each mast system is supplied with a full field deployment accessory kit. Mast accessories are designed to enable easy and fast mast deployment in all weather conditions.

Accessory kits are packed in all-weather bags. The standard bag colour is green. Other colours are available at request. Special user friendly guy reel design makes tensioning the guys and plumbing the mast quick and easy. Guy ropes are available in polyester or aramid. Heavy-duty aramid core guy ropes are durable yet easy to use. Hardened guy stakes are suitable for long term use in a wide variety of ground conditions.

All deployment accessories are fabricated from state of the art materials to assure optimal performance


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