We are a company that has both been places, and is going places in the future. Those places can be dangerous, thrilling, life-enhancing and a million things in-between.

While the projects we undertake for our customers are incredibly varied, the same skill and technology is applied to everything that we do.

Our air and land products include Antenna Systems, Anti-Jam GPS, Radio, Audio, ATC Display Systems, Telescopic Masts and Electronic Warfare Systems.

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Customer Focused

Our first and last thoughts are always focused on meeting our customer’s needs. Their mission is critical, we work with them, not just for them. Whether their mission is in the harshest of deserts, at the edge of the atmosphere or on the coldest continents of our planet, we face challenges together; creating cutting-edge technology and building strong and lasting relationships rooted in trust and delivery.


Every Mission Matters

Regardless of the size or complexity of the job ahead, we believe in putting the same high-level of scrutiny, tenacity and energy into everything we do. We believe in operating as a team, both among ourselves and alongside the customer, our partner. And we believe in pushing our potential to its very limit. After all, we did not get to where we are now, nor will we succeed in the future, by being unambitious or complacent. For us, Every Mission Matters.





Working For Us

Looking for a truly rewarding career? Discover an innovative future with Cobham.

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