Our Graduate Development Programme (GDP) is a structured programme lasting two to three years.

Cobham offers two streams in the UK and the US: Functional Excellence (for engineers) and Future Business Leaders (for those studying a non-engineering subject). In Australia, we offer one stream for Future Business Leaders. Whichever stream you join, you'll gain maximum exposure to our organisation through a range of rotational placements. By the end of the programme, you'll have all the skills and experience you need to launch a successful career with Cobham. Given the sheer breadth and range of our activities, the future possibilities are limitless.


Depending on your stream, your programme will comprise a series of six month rotations in various disciplines at different sites within your country. At every stage, we'll endeavour to ensure that each rotational placement accommodates your particular skills, development needs and interests.

Supervision and support

Throughout the programme, you'll have regular performance and development reviews with your assignment manager. We'll also allocate a mentor to provide you with personal and professional support - plus a development log for you to track all your learning activities. If you want to gain a relevant professional qualification, such as Chartered status or Professional Certifications, we'll support you in that too.

Graduate culture

Our graduate community is welcoming, supportive and friendly. We want our graduates to learn and enjoy themselves, while making new friends. New graduates are paired with a buddy graduate to ensure they feel included and can ask any questions they may have. At Cobham, graduates have access to senior leaders within the company, excellent networking opportunities and the chance to attend our annual Global Graduate Event. Hosted in either the US or the UK, it unites all of the graduates for a development and networking event.


At Cobham, we're seeking graduates with real passion, talent and potential. If that sounds like you, here is where you'll discover the stages of the selection process. On this page, we'll also give you some hints and tips on creating a successful application.


The selection process is a chance to demonstrate your skills, inspirations, ambitions and abilities, and show us why a career with Cobham would be the perfect fit for you.


At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the full Graduate Development Programme job description where you can submit your online application. We offer programmes in the US, UK and Denmark, so make sure you apply to the location in which you would like to be based. Once you've registered, you'll be invited to:

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1. Online Application

This stage has been created to give us an overall impression of your career plans, qualifications and work experience. You will apply for the stream that suits you in your country. You will need to attach a CV or covering letter. However, you should only apply for one graduate programme stream.


2. Video Interview

If your online application is successful, we'll invite you to record a video interview. This enables you to demonstrate your communication skills and, during the interview, you'll be asked to provide examples of your skills knowledge and experiences against our Graduate competencies.

At times, you'll need to give examples of a time when you demonstrated a particular competency. You may want to use the STAR technique for this, where you discuss the Situation in which you demonstrated a skill; the Task you completed; the Action you took to complete the task; and the Result of your actions.

We'll let you know the results within a fortnight.

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3. Pre assessments

There are 2 stages of pre-assessments, one will consist of online psychometric and ability testing.

They are timed, lasting around 25 minutes each - and are made up of multiple choice questions. If you have special requirements to undertake these tasks, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

You can try a sample assessment by  clicking here .



4. Virtual Assessment Center

We will then ask you to participate in a telephone conference call. In advance of this call you will be requested to prepare a short presentation and complete a personality profile questionnaire. During the call you will have the opportunity to hear more about what we do at Cobham, and help us understand a bit more about you. This will enable us to confirm your suitability to attend an assessment centre.

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5. Assessment Centre

If you've been asked to attend an assessment centre, then congratulations - you're almost there!

The assessment centre is your opportunity to demonstrate your potential and strengths through participation through a range of exercises and activities, which you will undertake both individually and in groups. Before your assessment centre it's important you know where and when to go, as well as who to ask for when you arrive.


During the assessment centre, dress and act professionally. Interact with the other candidates and members of Cobham, be confident, promote yourself and enjoy the opportunity. Never forget, this is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Cobham and the programme. 


We'll let you know the outcome of the assessment centre within two weeks. If you're successful, we'll offer you a place on our graduate scheme.

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