New VMR3G Handheld Counter IED Detectors

Cobham Antenna Systems is a world leader in ground penetrating radar, having supplied over 5000 systems for detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Marlow, UK: Cobham Antenna Systems is a world leader in ground penetrating radar, having supplied over 5000 systems for detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).


cts_vmr3g_clippedThe legacy of asymmetric warfare and landmines is an increasing issue worldwide. IEDs continue to kill and maim indiscriminately, restricting freedom of manoeuvre of military, peacekeepers and civilians alike. Cobham has developed a range of handheld and vehicle mounted sensors to combat these threats. Minehound is a market leading dual sensor detector, developed and manufactured in partnership with Vallon GmbH, which plays a central role in Counter IED operations worldwide. Cobham products provide an effective means for rapid minefield breaching by discriminating between mines and fragments, allowing safe routes to be cleared, including detection of non-metallic improvised threats.

In partnership with Vallon GmbH, Cobham is pleased to introduce the new VMR3G detector. This new variant of the Minehound dual sensor detector retains all of the key features which has made it the detector of choice for Specialist Search and All-Arms users alike, but now incorporates a new graphical user display integrated into the handle of the detector. This lowers the training burden and makes it possible to rapidly reconfigure the detector parameter set up to optimise performance using the intuitive menu systems. This is increasingly important for teams deploying to support operations virtually anywhere around the world. The Minehound VMR3G allows a number of specific configurations to be stored and recalled, so that optimum parameters can be selected.


At the same time, Cobham continues to innovate and now offers a range of handheld and modular vehicle/robot mounted sensors, including a new handheld system optimised for detection of IED interconnects, which offers unparalleled rates of advance and ease of use. Visit the Cobham stand at DSEi to find out more.




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