Cobham’s Aircraft Isolation Amplifier #246 is suitable for driving a 1-watt speaker or for other 150- to 600-ohm loads.

Cobham's Aircraft Isolation Amplifier is an electronic component capable of driving 100mWrms into a 600-ohm load.  The 246 is also capable of driving 5 Wrms into an 8-ohm load.  It is intended a direct form, fit, and functional replacement for the Collins model 356C-4.    

  1. Weight: 0.35 lb. / .16 kg
  2. Power: 1.0 A max / 28 Vdc
  3. Dimensions: 2.75"W x 1.5"H x 2.78"L (69.85mm x 38.1mm x 70.61mm)
  4. Compliance: TSO-C50c, DO160C
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