Cobham's TA Series Tray Adapter kits are a simple solution to alleviate height and mount variations (Dzus mount with tray mount) in avionics products.

The TA Series Tray Adapter will convert common-size Dzus-mount products into 6.25” tray mount products. Lightweight at .2 to .25 lbs., the TA allows installers to flush mount mixed avionics quickly and easily, saving install time and providing a uniform professional installation.

The adapter has been rigorously tested to DO-160D vibration and shock standards for equipment weighing up to 5 pounds. CNC milled from solid aluminium stock, the unit is anodized in black and finished with or without silver trim. 







TA03-00x (1.16” - 3 hole)

AA12, AA21, AA20/22, AA30

TA04-00x (1.55” - 4 hole)

AA24, PTA12-100

TA05-00x (1.92” - 5 hole)

AA95, ACP51, AMS42/44, NPX138N

TA07-00x (2.67” - 7 hole) 

380, N301A, NPX136D, AA25

TA08-00x (3.05” - 8 hole)

3110, ACP53, AA97, TH250/350

TA09-00x (3.43” - 9 hole)


TA10-00x (3.80” - 10 hole)

TH450A, TH460

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