Cobham's AMS42/42F/44 series is a dual-channel audio controller that provides central control of all aircraft audio.

Cobham’s AMS42/42F/44 controller allows selection of transmit and receive audio, emergency mode functionality, and provides LIVE, KEYED, or VOX operation. Support for the pilot, co-pilot, and five passengers is enabled, as well as left– or right-side pilot configurations, by providing positions for up to five transceivers and up to five nav aids.

Other functions include: external PA interface, boom mic support for the pilot and co-pilot, seven-place intercom, emergency and ISO operation, two direct audio inputs and rear-hand mic operation. D

esigned for special mission applications, the 42/42F/44 has dual radio controls to independently select radio transmit and receive audio. Dual-channel configuration provides independent radio control for pilot and co-pilot in a single controller, plus intercom support for crew and passengers.

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