Cobham’s N301A Single-User Audio Controller is compatible with military and civilian aviation headsets, controlling the audio from multiple receivers, allowing transmission of mic audio to a selected transmitter.

The N301A Single-User Audio Controller may be used in new installations where single- or multiple-user networks (up to 10 stations) are required.  Additional internal inputs have been added to improve airframe alerting capability.  Each N301A panel is self-contained, with solid state modular plug-in construction, sealed switching devices for low noise and gold switch/relay contacts for long life.  Removable legends give operators maximum tailoring flexibility. 


Dzus-mounted, the N301 is available in standard configurations or customized panel layouts, with 5 VDC or 28 VDC standard white lighting, plus optional NVG-friendly/NVIS-compliant lighting.



  1. Enhanced noise reduction capability
  2. Split RX and ICS volume controls, 
  3. VOX squelch control
  4. Additional RX input for the AUX TX position
  5. Extra Nav Aid position
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