Cobham is the World's leading supplier of Avionic-standard TETRA systems, with ten years experience in fielding TETRA in aircraft.

TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) is an open-standard, cellular-based, Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) system, which is in widespread use Worldwide by government agencies and departments. Cobham's equipment integrates a proven TETRA core transceiver into avionics-standard equipment.


Cobham equipment is specifically designed for airborne use, with menu structures and keyboard/display layouts suited to airborne operations. These operations are usually conducted by users wearing gloves and in the noisy, high vibration helicopter environment.


Our airborne TETRA products provide configuration options to meet users' needs, including single or dual-transceivers which can be controlled by either single or dual Control and Display Units (CDUs). All transceivers are NVG compatible and can operate in TETRA's Gateway and Repeater modes.


The core TETRA transceiver, provided by Sepura,  delivers a high level of network interoperability and is supplied with the necessary TETRA Air Interface Encryption (TEA). For example, TEA2 is the algorithm used in the Schengen Region and in the United Kingdom. TEAs 1 and 3 are also available for other regions, and End to End (E2E) encryption capability is also available if required.


Cobham can also provide essential support for network commissioning. This is necessary because TETRA radios must be 'filled' with the appropriate customisation to allow them to operate on the network. This includes setting the transceivers' 80,000 parameters using radio and crypto management software and Cobham can provide the necessary support and expertise for this activity.

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