Cobham’s C-2000 FM Control Display Unit delivers maximum communications performance in minimum space.

Cobham's C-2000 FM Control Head control display unit may be used a primary control head for the RT-2000 remote transceiver, or as a slave control head with a P-2000 panel-mount transceiver.  Versions of the C-2000 include black faceplate and options for either standard or NVG-compatible displays. 


The C-2000 is designed to be mounted in an instrument panel with standard DZUS mounting.  Front panel controls establish and display the operating status of all RT-2000 or P-2000 functions when operating as a slave control unit.   


  1. 512 channel memory per band
  2. LCD color or LCD color with NVH compatibility
  3. Weight- and space-saving
  4. Panel mount
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