Cobham’s P-2000 Panel-Mount FM Transceiver delivers maximum communications performance in minimum space.

The newest member of the Flexcomm family, the P-2000 digital/analog tactical FM radio, was designed to provide maximum communications capability for aircraft with limited space.

In addition to the efficient panel-mounted design, the multi-band P-2000 features a brilliant color LCD display that highlights critical information in an easy to read format.

It delivers P-25 functionality and interoperability one or two public service bands and robust capabilities on the VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz bands.



  1. Multiband VHF/UHF radio
  2. Embedded P25 capability
  3. 10W power output per band for maximum clarity & range
  4. Weight- and space-saving
  5. NVG-compatible
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